Jerry Rice

Director of HR & Employee Relations, Belle Foods

Chris Strickland has been employed by Belle Foods LLC, since December 10, 2012, in our Public Relations and Advertising Department. During this period, he demonstrated a willingness to learn and accept many new roles and responsibilities. He is especially talented with various forms of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. During his tenure with us, he more than quadrupled our total reach with these resources. Chris also oversaw the production of our company magazine. His knowledge of photography, and his interviewing skills proved to be crucial in the development of this project.

Chris’s attendance was exceptional. During his time with us, he missed only a couple of days, and these were always aproved in advance. On the other hand, when at work, Chris was always one of the first at his desk in the morning. Once given a task, he was self-motivated, and saw that assignment to its completion. There was rarely a need to follow-up on a project, because I knew that I could rely on Chris to do what was needed, and to look out for the best interest of the company.

It is unfortunate for Belle Foods that, due to economic constraints, we must reorganize our existing structure and as a result lose valued employees such as Chris. I highly recommend him for any position or career that he may now choose to pursue.

Lane Gregory

Art Director, Alabama Magazine

During Chris’ recent internship at Alabama Magazine,he was proved himself to be a true team player. Always willing to help anyone in any way, even outside his assigned responsibilities. His is energetic, eager, detail oriented, and performs any task with a professional attitude. I would highly recommend Chris to any potential employer.

Julie Williams

Professor of Journalism/Mass Comm, Samford University

Chris Strickland was my student at Samford University. He tells me he is looking for jobs in the Public Relations and Advertising fields. Chris has several key characteristics which are needed by anyone in PR or Advertising: he is affable and easygoing, and he is loyal. He also takes editing of his work without complaint or fretting, which I always think is a prime characteristic. I taught Chris in Mass Media Writing. That course is designed to be a series of tough, closely graded drills. It can seem stressful, but Chris was pleasant, even when he (like everyone else) was asked to correct work. After that experience, I believe he would get along with almost any demanding client. I also noticed his sense of loyalty and commitment to a family member. That loyalty would be useful to a client and to an agency.

Miriam Newman

Professor of General Sciences, Samford University

Chris Strickland was a student in my Scientific Methods class. I really valued his contribution to our class discussions because he always had thoughtful and well-researched points to make. He has excellent communication skills, overall. Chris consistently performed well on all my assignments.

Robert Russom

Realtor at Realty South

Chris is an intelligent guy and a hard worker. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

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