The Biggest Untapped Social Media Resource

One of the most overlooked resources to expand organic reach in social media is a company’s employees. Every time an employee engages with content on social media (Likes, comments, shares, Re-Tweets, etc.), the organic reach expands to friends of the team. The combined social media presence of all employees brings an entirely new audience to the table (and a large one at that)! Employees are invested in the company and its success. Social media outlets are a great way to create a greater sense of community, transparency and individual impact.

Employee Incentive Program employee-engagement21

Create an incentive program to encourage employee engagement. For example, have a “Social Media Fairy” that comes around once a month to praise and reward an employee for their engagement and contribution.

The idea behind this stems from the “employee of the month” concept. Publicly applaud the employee that exemplifies the ideal engagement behavior on social media outlets.

This practice can even be broken up into sub-groups with a “grand prize” winner. You could have awards for “Super Sharer” for the employee who shares the most content, “Creative Commenter” for the best quantity and quality of comment engagements, “Lord/Lady of Likes” for the most likes. The incentives can range from a day off, longer lunch or special parking for the month. You could even present the winners with gift cards or tickets to concerts, sporting events or movies.

In addition to monthly winners, milestones should be celebrated too. For instance, if your page gains 500 “Likes” by the end of the month, the employees that engaged on social media will be entered into a drawing for a larger prize than those granted on a monthly basis. Goals must be attainable for continued employee interaction. If the goal is out of reach and the prizes are never given out. The employees will not engage if they believe that it is not worth their time.

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